Finally getting to a place where I can get a few thoughts down.  So here goes….A month ago I took a trip…a long trip….one 13+ hour flight to Tokyo, Japan, and then another shorter 2 1/2 hour plane trip to Seoul, South Korea.  This little fluff ball, Lane,  also took the trip.  She was ready to be reunited with her “Mom”.IMG_0548Lane is a seasoned traveller, and was so excited to travel again that she hopped into her carrier while we were driving to the airport.  She has never done that before.  I think she was ready to be going to her new home.IMG_0560She’s little enough that she can travel as “carry-on” luggage.  Here she is all safely stowed away.IMG_0563Although my daughter has lived off and on (mostly on) in Korea for the last 3 years, I never was able to make the trip for a visit.  I’d heard about it, read about it and dreamed about going for a long time….so when my daughter was moving back for a new job and asked me to go to Seoul with her when she came to retrieve Lane, I jumped at the chance.

Because we arrived at night, late at night….my first glimpse of the city was at night.IMG_0565This is a blurry shot from the car and I’m not sure if it’s blurry because we were driving or because I was blurry after 20+ hours of traveling.  The next morning I got a great view of the city from my daughter’s 24th floor apartment.IMG_0593You might have notices that it looks a little “smoggy”….that’s not unusual here, in fact there are real time websites that track the air quality index. IMG_0566IMG_0591The next day after I recuperated somewhat from my jet lag, and with Lane all settled in it was time to start exploring.IMG_2220I’m not sure what I expected Seoul to be like…it is a big city…but It wasn’t what I thought it would be….it was better!  Stayed tuned as I packed in a lot of sight-seeing in 2 weeks.