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All you have to do it wander down the street, take a few wrong turns on your way to a market square that you haven’t been to before, with a friend who has been there but doesn’t quite remember where it is, and ta-da! You’ve walked by four churches you’ve never seen before.

The first one, I’ve driven by multiple times (ok, ridden by….David was driving), but it’s not readily apparent that it’s a church.  It’s the local Mormon church and it’s neatly tucked in-between some other buildings. IMG_6457 It does look just a tad out of place with the other architecture nearby, but it’s actually a historic building.  It was used by the Nazi’s during the war.  And I only know this because the person I was walking with attends that church.

Next up is this church, it’s an Evangelical Methodist Church. IMG_6462Just about all the other churches here (which are mostly Catholic) are open during the day for anyone to walk in — either to attend a noon service, go to confession, to allow people to come in an sit a moment in prayer, or for “tourist” people like me to come in and gawk and take pictures.  The Methodist church however is locked.

Then we wandered past this church.  I didn’t pay attention to the name, and not sure it’s an active church as the door was bolted.IMG_6463It is in a slight state of disrepair…the window above the door is broken….but it provides a great place for the pigeons to roost.IMG_6464

Then we finally found the market and this church is right next door.  Its the Church of the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.IMG_6465IMG_6466This church was open so in we went.  A beautiful (and blurry) view from the back.IMG_6468Looking up you see the inside of the dome.IMG_6469IMG_6473And of course I always have to check out the pipe organ.  Considering the cost of a pipe organ (I know because I worked at Ghent United Methodist in Norfolk, VA, that had a pipe organ and the replacement cost was staggering), it never ceases to amaze me that almost every church here has one!IMG_6472

Oh, and we also walked by this store. Fart.  Who knew there would be an entire store for Farts??  (Not really selling farts…although it’s funnier to think that..it’s really a fishing store)IMG_6456